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[EP25] Fender Rarities, Head Injuries, and Country Music

October 8, 2019

Music Villa's Gear & Beer Show - Episode 25: New Season, new format, same ol' Joe & Blaise! Welcome to Gear & Beer 2.0 featuring a beer, guitar, and riff of the week… and, a new segment called "Musical Breakthroughs," this week focused on the Ken Burns "Country Music" Documentary. This episode also features Joe's summer cooler beers, a totally amazing Fender Rarities Stratocaster, some hot Eddie Cochran riffs, and multiple head injury stories!?

  • Beer of the Week: 0:59
  • Guitar of the Week: 5:52
  • Riff of the Week: 10:25
  • Musical Breakthroughs: 16:59

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